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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Great Shepherd

John 10: 11 – 16, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. The hireling flees because he is a hireling and does not care about the sheep. I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own. As the Father knows Me, even so I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd. NKJV
As our Great Shepherd, Jesus is always looking out for us. He protected us from the punishment of sin by laying His life down in our place. Jesus also took on Satan so that we would no longer have to live under his authority. We can’t see Jesus with our eyes or talk with Him on the phone; even so, He is more present and more a part of our lives than any relative or friend.
We mustn’t let the fact that Jesus is invisible to the human eyes cause us to believe that He isn’t with us when we face danger in this life. The Father and Jesus have done everything that is needed to keep our soul safe and secure so that Satan isn’t able to touch it. It is our responsibility to be informed as Christians so that we don’t fall prey to Satan’s devises and step out from under God’s protective covering.
Our Great Shepherd has given us the Word of God so that we might know the ways of God and the schemes of the Devil. Jesus died on the cross in order to redeem us from sin so that we can escape the flames and torment of hell; however, we have also been given the Holy Spirit. He will guide us into all truth so that we remain on the path of righteousness. This will prevent us from drifting over into the enemy’s territory where he can pull us with evil desires.
Our Great Shepherd has also called men and women to be under-shepherds to tend to the needs of His flock. As His servants, Jesus gives us revelation, wisdom, and understanding to teach His people and to encourage them in the faith. It is our responsibility as ministers to pray continually for His sheep so that He can show us what nourishment or protective word is needed at the time. The Word of God is more than God’s Words written on parchment; His Word sets boundaries and wards off our enemies so that we’re not consumed by them.  
It is for this reason that we are told to hide the Word of God in our hearts so that we might not sin against it. If you’re not a part of a local church, then you’re missing out on one of the greatest safety nets that Jesus has put in place to keep you spiritually safe. When you’re able to hear the Word of God preached or taught regularly, you will be built up in your faith walk. There is no possible way I could list all the protective measures your Great Shepherd has in place so that you and your family might be protected and blessed. Let me encourage you to begin to seek the Lord and His Word so you can learn more about the protection, provision, and power of God that is given to those who belong to Him.
In His service,
Pastor Asa Dockery

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