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Monday, January 31, 2011

In The Cool of the Day

Genesis 3: 8, And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: KJV

 How many telephone calls do you receive in a day, week, or month? How many of those calls are requests from people who are in need of something from you? How many calls do you receive where someone just wanted to share their day with you? Well, just imagine how many calls the Lord gets each minute. Thankfully, God doesn't mind us calling out to Him when we're in need, in fact, He instructs us to come to Him and share our petitions, requests, and concerns.

Have you ever wondered why the Lord God waited until evening or the cool of the day to call on Adam? Perhaps God was giving Adam space to finish the chores for that day before interrupting his schedule with a visit. After all, He had commanded Adam to till the garden and to watch for predators that might try to invade his paradise. But when the Lord called out to Adam, there was no answer. Instead of finding Adam's work completed, He found that Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden fruit.

Would it be a stretch to conclude that Adam would have answered when the Lord God called him had he been faithful in his work? I believe that we can learn something from the story of Adam that will benefit our own walk with the Lord God. Adam and Eve were unfaithful in the labor of the Lord, and it adversely affected their relationship and their fellowship with God. The Word of God explicitly tells us in both the Old and the New Testaments that if we will obey His commandments and follow His Word in our hearts, we will be blessed in all that we set our hands to accomplish.

Those who remain faithful to the purpose of God in their lives come to God with a different perspective than those who only serve self. If you are faithful in the work of the Lord and honor His Word in your heart, then you will approach the Lord as being blessed and fulfilled. As a result, your "need" won't be priority, but rather thanksgiving and praise will begin to erupt.

If you find it difficult talking to God like you would your best friend, then you need to examine your life. Is it pleasing to the Father and are you obedient in the work that He has given to you? If not, then your approach to God will be focused on self and not on Him... when Adam hid in the garden, we know that his focus was on "self," because he knew that he was naked. The Lord not only wants us to be blessed, but He also desires that we be fulfilled. If we are fulfilled, then we will approach God with a bold and sincere heart and with our focus on Him and not us. Now you can WORK on your fellowship and enjoy your relationship at a deeper level with your heavenly Father.

Talking God's Ears Off,
Pastor Asa Dockery