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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Hungry Heart

Psalms 119: 33 – 40, Just tell me what to do and I will do it, Lord. As long as I live I'll wholeheartedly obey. Make me walk along the right paths, for I know how delightful they really are. Help me to prefer obedience to making money! Turn me away from wanting any other plan than yours. Revive my heart toward you. Reassure me that your promises are for me, for I trust and revere you. How I dread being mocked for obeying, for your laws are right and good. I long to obey them! Therefore in fairness renew my life, for this was your promise-yes, Lord, to save me! Now spare me by your kindness and your love. Then I will have an answer for those who taunt me, for I trust your promises. TLB
There are a whole lot of distractions in the world that can lead us astray from the Lord and into temptation. The key to overcoming the diversions that are sent to you by Satan is to watch for anything that tries to pull you or your heart away from serving the Lord. We’re all humans; and on occasion, we can get blindsided by our flesh and become distracted spiritually.
The psalmist teaches us how to guard our hearts from the trappings of our flesh that can cause us to stray from God’s path for our life. We must be willing to admit to ourselves, and to the Lord, that we have weaknesses; and we must also pray to the Lord that He will keep us from being led away into temptation through our flesh nature. Our humble heart will show the Lord that we know our weaknesses, and that we desire to walk in His ways and obey His will. It also invites the Lord to be our shield and defense from subtle attacks of the enemy that could cause us to sin against the Lord.
If you haven’t already, you will discover that there is a waiting period between your obedience to God and in Him releasing the promise in your life. There is always a season of testing between believing in God and coming to know God beyond any doubt. It is in the waiting seasons of life that we must be on guard against the strategies of the wicked one. It is also during these times that our flesh can become weak and cause us to entertain thoughts concerning giving in to pleasures of this present world.
The psalmist teaches us to be mindful of God’s goodness and faithfulness when we find ourselves growing weary while waiting on the Lord. He sought the Lord to keep him from slipping away from loving God more than himself. This prayer is an admirable one for believers to pray. It shows the Lord that we hunger after Him more than we desire to indulge in the world’s delicacies. We should love the Lord more than the pleasures of this world.  After all, our existence on this earth isn’t about having pleasures; it is about receiving life for our soul so that we can live for God. Do you have a hungry heart for God, but struggle to show that hunger? I pray that this word today will give you the enlightenment that will help you remain true to your convictions and to the Lord. God rewards those who DILIGENTLY seek Him.
Seeking to Be Filled with God’s Goodness,
Pastor Asa Dockery

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